Hearts of Glass Logo - Fused and Leaded light

Individual hand-made fused glass


We are asked for a wide range of special commissions and here are some of our favourites. Sometimes we are given free range to be creative but we are equally happy working to a carefull controlled design and colour scheme.

Small Mackerel Panel 
Sugar Plum Fairy 
Fish Panel 
Lily Window 
Large Fragmented Heart Mirror 
Fan Light 
DB Mirror 
Large Driftwood Collage 
Copper Foiled Name Plate 
Joelle Yacht 
Rustington Beach 
Seascape Curve 
Tree of Life Plate 
Texture Seaside Dish 
Allium Bowl 
hand painted glass curves 
Fragments Bowl 
Wedding Heart 
Mackerel Panel 
Large Mackerel Panel